Our Fleet

Different missions require different boats

All of our boats are commercially built RIB’s. They are built for the demands of high loads and daily abuse. All of our boats carry emergency pumps and patching materials, and some carry full salvage gear including air bags, dive gear and polution containment supplies.

The Impact

850 Impact built by Brunswick Commercial division.
At 28′ and 600hp this boat is fast and powerfull. If you frequent the Bahamas you have probably seen it towing members back to the states under their membership. This boat is based in Jupiter at the Square Grouper in Jupiter Inlet. If you are there and get a picture with our boat in it send it to us.

The Unit #8

2010 24′ Zodiac Hurricane
The Zodiac Hurricane is the original and still very relevant commercial RIB’s and for good reason.  They are great boats…. This is our 3rd Hurricane and we would have 10 of them if we could.

The Safe Boat

25′ Defender Class Safe Boat
The USCG uses these boats for Search and Rescue because they are one of the most stable and responsive platforms available. The boat is built of thick plate welded aluminum and according to Safe Boat has never had a hull failure in the thousands of boats built under the defender design.  25′ and 500hp make this a very fast and capabable towing and salvage vessel, guaranteed to get there and back.

The Titan

The “Titan” is currently the largest in our fleet at over 40′ and 750hp. The boat is built to Navy Seal standards, is litterally bulletproof with numerous Kevlar layers laid up in the hull.  The boat has been converted to outboards from the original jet drive system and carries a huge compliment of salvage responce gear and supplies.

The Unit #4

23′ SeaArk Marine Patrol boat
This is our workhorse. Comfortable, built solid and a great platform for our multitude of tasks. The hybrid colars protect our customers boats from damage and the aluminumn construction provides unmatched strength and reliability. Carrying over 240 gallons of fuel this boat has legs and frequently brings customers back from the Islands.